My Delonghi espresso machine review

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I’ve been enjoying the De’Longhi espresso machine for a week now and in celebration of National Coffee Day I am writing this review. I don’t write reviews unless it’s the best espresso machine or the worst one.

First, I do not decide ahead of time the weight of grounds I want to put in there. I put in the amount that gives me the clearance I want in the PF after it is tamped. I then use the scale to extract what I want, based on the amount of coffee in the basket. Most coffees will want 1:2 grounds to liquid, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Experiment.

Second, the dose is based on grind time, so of course it isn’t precise with weight. I find it to be extremely consistent, based on the clearance in the PF after I tamp, which is always the same. I tested it and it varies by 0.1 – 0.2 g, but I can’t taste a difference so I don’t care. If this matters to you, just weigh every time – the dose and the pull.

Finally, you’ll note I didn’t time the pull. I find that the weight of extraction is more reliable. In any case, if you do time it you’ll be in the proper range with this method. With enough coffee to get the correct clearance after you tamp AND the pressure where it should be on the gauge, you’ll pull a double in 30-35 seconds fairly consistently (including 8 seconds or so of preinfusion.)

This really is the beauty of this machine – once you dial in your shot it is pretty much foolproof and consistent. Also, regarding the steamer – it is fine for what I do – flat whites in a capp sized mug. That usually means I’m steaming 4-5 ounces of milk. Microfoam and proper temp happen in 45 seconds or so. The machine gets steaming quickly and recovers quickly as well. No complaints! Be sure to wait until the steam is steady and dry – it will purge water for a bit.

This is not a cheap espresso machine, for cheaper versions, read these reviews.

Why I Like All Clad Cookware

All Clad cookware is one of the best cookware manufacturer internationally who are renowned for the different types of the cookware that they make and the quality they bring out in them. The cookware they come up with offer the best cooking experience you can have in your kitchen that will last you for a greater part of your years cooking.

all clad cookware

Before I first heard about the All Clad Cookware products, I had had a rough time finding the right cooking ware to use at home. Many of the pan collections I had didn’t last for long, making me a regular customer at the local mart. Once I heard about the All Clad B3 collection, I thought that they were just the regular pan collection I have been buying but to my surprise, they were a game changer in my kitchen. The All Clad B3 collection is an entire line of nonstick pots and pans made heavy-gauge, three-ply, bonded anodized aluminum. The collection has a heavy base of stainless steel base preventing it from warp. It’s a compatible set with all stove tops and oven safe to 500 degree F.

I also recommend you try the Hard Anodized collection of griddles, grills and pans (Panni) that are specially made from hard-anodized aluminum mostly to be used on stove tops and ovens only safe to a 450 degree F. These is a great set of cookware collection that is budget-friendly and don’t come in a full set but can be purchased separately.

These are only but a few of the huge All Clad set of variety cookware they have like the Emerilware Pro-Clad, the Stainless Steel line, the Copper core line, the D5 brushed line among other spectacular world-class cookware they have to offer. I can bet that you wont regret after trying out the many cookware collection that All Clad has to offer.

We Finally Tried Something New

Fisherman camping at a wilderness lake

My hubby and I decided to spend our vacation in a different way, two years ago. Benson and I have always wanted to explore new things and adventures. So, we decided to do something neither of us had ever done before- backpacking. While both of us were extremely excited, it also meant shopping for the right backpacking tents. This is something that none of us had experience in. I must admit that choosing the right one was such a daunting task for us. Nevertheless, we were finally able to find the right backpacking tent that we have used for the past two years.

Well, prior to making our final decision, we put a number of factors into consideration. First and foremost, weight was of utmost importance for us- or at least as we later found out. We were looking for a two – person tent and thus considered three to five pounds. According to experts, the desirable weight of a tent per person should be less than three pounds. What is more, getting one that weighs close to two or even less than this is excellent. Benson and I found a 5- pound backpacking tent that has worked excellently for us.


The second factor that we kept into consideration was the price. We were working on a budget and that meant finding a quality, yet inexpensive tent. On this part, we had to rely on the best tent reviews to obtain the opinion of other people about the tents they had purchased and used. Luckily, we found one that cost us $300- the exact amount we were planning to spend. Since we spent a premium amount in the tent, it gives us additional refinements as well as a lower weight.

We also had to consider the weather conditions at the time of our backpacking. It is imperative to anticipate the climatic conditions in order to prepare appropriately. Equipped with this knowledge, we went for a 4-season tent which makes it suitable for fall, spring and moderate weather. Besides, it also serves us well when we face windy and chilly nights. We never have to worry about the weather conditions each time we are out there exploring nature.

Choosing the Best Elliptical Trainer for Your Workout

elliptical machineAs much as many people think that buying an elliptical is all about getting one that is candy to your eye, it is actually a bit more technical than that especially if you don’t want to get one that will not serve your desire fully or keeps breaking down because of misuse. You have to ensure that you get an elliptical that will fit not only your budget but also you needs.

Your journey to buying the best elliptical begins with you doing some research. While doing research, have in mind the weight of the user and any other person that is likely to use the machine. It is also important to keep in mind the length of time that the machine will be in use. This is because if you go for a machine that goes for a considerably shorter time than you would want, you will be overworking it and if you get one that can go for way longer, you will be under utilizing it.

You should note that the weight and the number of users will directly affect the quality of the machine you pick and this relationship should be directly proportional. This will ensure that the machine is able to serve you and any other user without breaking down. Also make sure that you opt for the more recognized brands and in this case the Schwinn 450 elliptical would be an ideal pick.

Regardless of the machine that you will pick, it should not lack an adjustable incline which helps to improve the work out while focusing on different muscle groups. It should also have a smooth elliptical motion, adjustable resistance, forward and reverse motions and above all a quiet operation. These features are vital to giving you the best overall training experience in the most natural way.

Once you have settled on an elliptical that does not hold back on any of these feature, you’re ready to get a go on that work-out that you have planned on starting for so long and now you have the ideal partner in the Schwinn 450 to help you achieve those goals.

As a marketer, yoga has done me good

Early in the year, my friend Annie and I decided to start attending yoga sessions. We work in the same building and since we were to attend the sessions just across the street, she didn’t express any form of disagreement. I had spent close to ten years of my life trying to decide whether or not to start practicing yoga. I had already so many good things about yoga, but hadn’t found the courage to finally start. I wasn’t to be sure that when I start, I wouldn’t have to give up along the way. Anyway, Annie and I finally signed up and paid our subscriptions- safe to say it wasn’t as expensive as I thought.


Yoga has done my friend and me a lot of good. I won’t talk for Annie because I can’t exactly explain how she feels about it. For starters, I am a marketer who doubles up as a debt collection officer. This means that I have to be on the phone constantly, spend endless hours talking to company customers and suppliers and if need be, I am usually required to personally visit some of the customers to take up orders and collect payments. In as much as I love my job, dealing with people has never been easier and I end up extremely tired at the end of the day. Well, yoga has considerably contributed to my recent overall wellbeing- mentally, physically and emotionally.

I nowadays have the energy to get through the day, negotiate with customers with a more sober mind and my emotional state is more stable than ever. In those days that I am unable to attend the yoga sessions I have paid for, I ensure to create some yoga time in the comfort of my bedroom. Last month was extremely tight at work and I forgot my yoga mat at home on a few occasions. In this regard, I decided to buy an additional yoga mat- one for use at home and the other one for use on the days that I had the time to attend yoga sessions with Annie. Since I had experience shopping for my first yoga mat, I experienced little difficulties buying the second one. However, the best hot yoga mat reviews 2015 cam extremely in handy because it made my search much simpler and faster. If you want peace of mind and increased energy, yoga is the way to go.