As a marketer, yoga has done me good

Early in the year, my friend Annie and I decided to start attending yoga sessions. We work in the same building and since we were to attend the sessions just across the street, she didn’t express any form of disagreement. I had spent close to ten years of my life trying to decide whether or not to start practicing yoga. I had already so many good things about yoga, but hadn’t found the courage to finally start. I wasn’t to be sure that when I start, I wouldn’t have to give up along the way. Anyway, Annie and I finally signed up and paid our subscriptions- safe to say it wasn’t as expensive as I thought.


Yoga has done my friend and me a lot of good. I won’t talk for Annie because I can’t exactly explain how she feels about it. For starters, I am a marketer who doubles up as a debt collection officer. This means that I have to be on the phone constantly, spend endless hours talking to company customers and suppliers and if need be, I am usually required to personally visit some of the customers to take up orders and collect payments. In as much as I love my job, dealing with people has never been easier and I end up extremely tired at the end of the day. Well, yoga has considerably contributed to my recent overall wellbeing- mentally, physically and emotionally.

I nowadays have the energy to get through the day, negotiate with customers with a more sober mind and my emotional state is more stable than ever. In those days that I am unable to attend the yoga sessions I have paid for, I ensure to create some yoga time in the comfort of my bedroom. Last month was extremely tight at work and I forgot my yoga mat at home on a few occasions. In this regard, I decided to buy an additional yoga mat- one for use at home and the other one for use on the days that I had the time to attend yoga sessions with Annie. Since I had experience shopping for my first yoga mat, I experienced little difficulties buying the second one. However, the best hot yoga mat reviews 2014 cam extremely in handy because it made my search much simpler and faster. If you want peace of mind and increased energy, yoga is the way to go.